Our Story

In this polluted atmosphere, we know healthy, glowing skin and long, soft &, shiny hair have become a dream.

So, A BROTHER-SISTER duo came up with a thought of curating an all-inclusive organic cosmetic brand designed for everyone. After months of formulating and testing various natural ingredients, they came up with a one-stop hair & skin care solution.

Rutvik & Isheeta are proud to present “RUTVISH ORGANIC” a complete Skin care & Hair care range of products that are made with love from natural & organically sourced ingredients.

RUTVISH ORGANIC“ is a wholesome hair and skin care range suitable for all skin types and gender that keeps your skin glowing and hair flowing.

Our Product
We employ innovative science to transform nature's ingredients into products that rebalance and renew your skin and hair.

We will provide you with 100% natural toxic-free products. All products are not only paraben free but also free from Mineral oil, Sulphate and other harmful chemicals which isn’t suitable for our skin & hair in the long run.